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Opening Zeesluis IJmuiden 26 januari livestream

26 januari 2022

Op woensdag 26 januari opent koning Willem-Alexander de nieuwe Zeesluis IJmuiden. Deze sluis is een vervanging van de Noordersluis. De zeesluis is een belangrijke toegangspoort tot Europa. Paxaro heeft aan dit prachtige infrastructurele project meegewerkt. Wij werkten mee aan het ontwerp en het afzinken van de caissons voor de sluisdeurkassen. U kunt de opening live volgen via de livestream van14.45 uur tot 15.30 uur via

Grootste zeesluis ter wereld

De Zeesluis IJmuiden is de grootste zeesluis ter wereld. De twee deuren en de reservedeur wegen elk 3.000 ton en zijn 72 meter lang, 11 meter breed en 24 meter hoog. Voor de aanleg van de sluis is 300.000 kubieke meter beton gebruikt. In totaal is er 4,5 miljoen kubieke meter grond afgegraven voor de bouw van de sluis. In totaal heeft de sluis een afmeting van 500 meter lang, 70 meter breed en 18 meter diep.

Vanwege zijn omvang is de zeesluis geschikt voor de doorvaart van alle grote zeeschepen en door de diepte van de sluis hoeve schepen ook niet te wachten op eb of vloed.

Paxaro werkte in opdracht van bouwcombinatie OPEN IJ mee aan dit prachtige project.

The engineering firm
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PAXARO Infra Design specializes in designing and engineering infrastructure objects such as bridges, tunnels, viaducts, quay walls, and noise barriers.

Our team of experienced civil engineering specialists provides engineering and consultancy services for the government, contractors, and developers. We collaborate with our clients, offer critical insights when necessary, and strive to find the best solutions at a competitive price.

Meet our team of experts and discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Our services


We have decades of experience in engineering and consulting on multidisciplinary infrastructure projects. Some of our notable projects include the second Coentunnel, Avenue A2, A-Lanes-A15, the Oranjesluizen in Amsterdam, the 'Martinus Nijhoffbrug' over the Waal river, the bored tunnel 'Hubertustunnel' in The Hague, the High-Speed Line (HSL), the railway tunnel under the Drontermeer, the Gaasperdammertunnel, and the IJmuiden Sea Lock.

Artwork design

Designing functional infrastructure that enhances the beauty of the Netherlands is our mission. We integrate construction into the environment, optimize space and material usage, and employ circular construction and a verifiable design process. Our 3D design mainly utilizes Revit and Allplan. We possess extensive experience in every phase of the design process, from sketch design to implementation design.

3D Rebar design

PAXARO specializes in utilizing Allplan for designing reinforcement in 3D. This approach allows for the identification of potential issues much earlier in the design process, and enables optimal optimization of the reinforcement shape. Furthermore, we generate bending schedules directly from the model, which can be utilized by the bending center.

BIM & Systems Engineering

BIM and SE are highly sought-after within the infrastructure industry. A logical model design is created using verifiable objects that link design to functional requirements, and an object-oriented document archive is established. At PAXARO, our team includes Systems Engineers and BIM managers who can establish the proper system and implement the workflow, including defining functional requirements, constructing a demand specification, performing requirements management in Relatics, and validating and verifying the system.

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Our results

PAXARO has been working with a team of experienced professionals in design and engineering since 2016.

Over the past 7 years, we have participated in various large-scale infrastructure projects in the Netherlands, including the Zeesluis IJmuiden and the Zuidas project. Additionally, we have undertaken in-house projects, such as engineering works for the Randweg Voorhout and the N213 Naaldwijk.

We are an innovative company and can often achieve significant cost reductions by optimizing the design.

As we work on both the government and contractor sides, we are well-versed in the various interests involved in a construction project.

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